Photo by Agata Waclawska

Alex Pulec (frontman of The Nursery and The Ruby Spirit) steps into his solo project, Alex Exists. His music is inspired by absurdism, hyper surrealism and optimistic nihilism with an acid tongue firmly planted in his cheek. He is fascinated by pop culture and ego. The signature of Alex‘s creative work is his unique sonic touches, drum heavy rhythms and classic “pop through a blender” melodies.

His mischievous song, “With A Bang,” sounds like a spaghetti western meets spy film theme song about two ex-lovers who are out for revenge – a neo-western, disco twang romp, if you will. It explores the feeling of short and cataclysmic quick burn relationships – those of which are doomed from the start, and celebrates them as spontaneous, messy, fun and chaotic.

It’s an irreverent dance song about celebrating the end of something in a flamboyant and over-the-top way. All throughout, the deep clear twang of a baritone guitar rings through.

Press via Auteur Research