Here I felt how an artist is so free on a creative level. Because Matthew Cobis or MDK FLA’s rock and hard rock wallpaper will find its powerful variations on all tracks of his new album “Zerotime”.

Epic guitar tones with some industrial arrangements are what will lead you through the album’s 12 tracks, and there you can also find introspective tones, surrounded by an aura of mystery that seems to hide many secrets, they are incredibly cinematic tracks.

This album is pure acoustic bliss. The rippling waves of guitars are perfectly matched to the beats of acoustic and electronic drums, and what you’ll hear is the result of talent and influences that are widely varied.

You will be shocked and some of you will be appalled by the tracks so powerful, “ZEROTIME” is a true gem that many rockstars and fans of active music with all its arrangements will appreciate.

Matthew Cobis has a unique vision and bravely follows his instincts. Because he is a talented artist who produces very interesting music. But don’t be surprised when you learn that he started making music just a year ago, in 2021 when he was 42 years old. However, he produced 5 albums to his credit during this short period. Listen to its new release “Zerotime”, which will raise the level of adrenaline in your blood to complete your journey.