Musically wise, the year 2021 finished with a bang! As many bands and solo artists produced new incredible music to end the year and get us pumped for what’s to come in 2022. “At the heart of the tragedy, there are lines of joy” I always see how true this quote is every time artists create amazing, touching work during difficult times, whether personally or globally, and as the world suffers from Covid-19 and lives frustrated days, some people manage to make the best of their time. “Shedonist” is a band that embodies all I’ve mentioned; they were able to release their album on December 3rd to amaze us with their rock ‘n’ roll soul; “Young, Dumb & Stupid” includes eight killer tracks that indicate they are, contrary to the album title: “Powerful, Talented & on Fire.”

The band consists of Jasmin Toubi (lead singer/songwriter/guitarist), Walker DuBois (bassist), Ben Foerg (drummer/backup vocalist/producer), and Conor Spellane (lead guitarist and backup vocalist). Their sound is a mix of 2000s garage, 90s alternative, 70s blues rock, and 60s psychedelic rock. Jasmin’s captivating vocals, which know how to portray the lyrics she wrote, and what “Young, Dumb & Stupid” carries about women’s empowerment, youth disputes, heartbreaks, and more, are as varied as the melodies.

Kicks off the album with “5 Minutes,” a bold, dynamic single with garage rock and Jasmin’s powerful, loud vocals that reflect the energetic music and lyrics in her tone. The timbre of alternative rock music is rising with some hard rock vibes in the cacophony of the screamy vocals, aggressive guitar arrangements in “Daddy,” and some humor and a sarcastic tone in the vocal performance. “Bad Decisions,” which continues the humorous tone with uplifting music featuring electro guitar riffs and steady drum beats, is what truly reflects the life of the youth and how dumb their decisions can get at times. Just when you believe the album’s theme is uplifting music and strong vocals, “In My Light” comes up with fragile, soft, and warm vocals and mellow instrumentals. Even the loudest parts have a gentle feel to them. “There You Go” reveals another side of Jasmin’s voice, which alternates between delicate and strong, yet is equally captivating. The same goes for the melodious music that perfectly aligns with the vocals. They’re raising the bar and wowing us even more with their music variety, reaching out to all rock fans and giving them a taste of the rock flavor they love, and “Black Hole” is another example of that, with its bouncy melody and outstanding vocal performance.” “I Don’t Want You Anymore” begins with some jazzy vibes and fragile sentiments, but quickly builds into a powerful composition as the lyrics, vocals, and instruments shift from the broken heart of “I used to think you’re all that I wanted” to the powerful statement “I don’t want you anymore.” Closing out the album strongly as they started it with “Heroin” and its killing guitar riffs and steady, powerful drums, along with some blues vibes and the charismatic voice that nailed every prior single till this one.

Every track on the album is well-produced and reveals a different side of what “Shedonist” is capable of. If you’re looking for some relatable music with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit, listen to their album.

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Viola Karmy