I believe that when an artist wants to convey a certain message or feeling, their sincere will spread out into every vocal string, every musical note, and every word to make a passionate flawless production that delivers what they intended, effortlessly, and strikes the listener’s core. Matt DeAngELIS wanted to create a sound that inspires and has a positive impact on people. I believe he has done beyond an amazing job with the help of legendary musicians who believed in his compositions and recorded with him, including Liberty DeVitto and Richie Cannata, resulting in “World I’m Coming For You.”

The album opens with the title track, “World I’m Comin’ For You,” featuring beautiful, powerful vocals that charm the ears and soul from the beginning to the end. The melodies have dreamy vibes thanks to the soothing piano playing and the slow guitar chords with the straightforward drumbeats. You can’t help but believe in what the lyrics are saying and have hope for a better tomorrow with such a well-arranged symphony. With slow-tempo beats, Deangelis in “So Fine” makes the ladies out there wish they were his woman! The single has vibes of the 90’s movies’ soundtracks, such as “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life,” and “unchained melody.” Deangelis’s vocals are dipped in sentiments. The rhythms entice you to sway along with its simple, yet magical progression. Somehow, each song has a different vocal as he embodies the lyrics, embraces the melodies, and lets the vocal strings go! In “Mile Down The Road,” the vocals have determination and hopeful vibes, revealing more than an impressive layer and sounding like Elton John more than ever. I liked how the music was arranged gradually from the mellow piano notes first to more richer tunes with the guitars and passionate wind instrument melodies. Just when I thought the singles couldn’t be more soulful, enter “Angel” to raise the bar to the sky. It confirms that Deangelis likes to lead with the piano and play gently with our hearts. It felt like with hitting each key he was building a new rung on the stairway to heaven, where he belongs with these angelic vocals. With the closing track “Maybe I,” where there was no more for “Maybe,” I became affirmative that I found my new comfort album that I can play whenever I want to feel at peace and heavenlike. Maybe I” has appealing, flawless melodies, particularly with the wonderful addition of wind instruments, which added a lot and gave the single jazzy vibes, which felt like aligning with the warm, resonant vocals to give whoever listens a huge hug.

If you’re having a bad day, just hit the play button below, and leave the album do his magic.


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