Freshly formed in 2023, the American rockers Shock Value are dropping their record When Lighting Strikes on the 29th of July 2023 at the Sioux Falls 2023 Four Winds music and arts festival. Recorded and mixed at Wolvii Studio by Michael Tucker, and mastered by Mike Dresch, When Lightning Strikes shows Shock Value‘s unique mix of their diverse influences. Let me tell you more about it. 

Shock Value kickstarted When Lightning Strikes with the banger Rockstar. A hard-hitting tune with high energy, and a warm engaging sound that feels alive. It builds up powerfully with a catchy sound that’s been picked by the next song Crash Landing. It pushes forward toward a bigger sound while keeping their driving pop-punk mixed with alternative rock alive and kicking. Dirtbag comes next with a softer more melodic sound, showing another side of their writing and how it can be well mixed with their purely dynamic sound. Expensive hits next and boosting the mood again, with blasting energy that keeps on growing as the song progresses. It gets heavier with a catchy irresistible groove, and upbeat pace that’s pushed even further by the featured guest Denham. Paradise picks up the pace and pushes it even further with storming fast riffs. It dramatically escalated the album’s overall dynamics, with a catchy organic flow and powerful harmonic performance. Till I Figure It Out comes next balancing the record’s pace, it has a strong melodic core within its fast upbeat sound that’s supported by an insanely good drumline, turning it into a pivotal point that shows Shock Value‘s diverse writing. This Time maintains the record’s high energy, and brings back their hip-hop and rap mix, digging more into a zone that’s between pop-punk and nu-metal in a really interesting groovy melodic mix. Shock Value opens Nightmare with pounding drumming and a hard-hitting bass-ey riff. They steer into a calmer sound at the verse that smoothly escalates into a catchy flow of melodies. It has a dynamic diverse structure with interesting hooking twists and turns. Its Ok To Not Be Ok brings back a lot of classic pop-punk memories, it has deep classic elements within its fresh new sound, escalating progressing flow, and blasting energy. The deep meaningful lyrics gave the music more depth and textured layer, making it more relatable and building bridges with their listeners. Ending the record on a high note comes My Life Story. A blasting mood-boosting piece that starts with a mellow intro before exploding. It has an unstoppable dynamic structure with acute shifts that’ll throw the listeners off their seats and send the crowds jumping around.

When Lightning Strikes is a solid record that shows Shock Value‘s skilled writing, powerful messages, and attitude. They managed to create an extremely enjoyable and well-connected record that keeps the listener hooked and entertained. Will be waiting for more, keep on rocking. Cheers!