The Australian metal band Illyria, known for their progressive style, launched their newest album ‘Wanderlust’ on June 7, 2024. The album’s allure lies in the exceptional harmonies that set it apart from recent extreme metal releases. Let me elaborate on this unique aspect below.

Illyria presents a remarkable fusion of various metal genres in their album. The 8-track ‘Wanderlust’ blends heavy, progressive, black, and other influences. While this may sound familiar, the beauty lies in the expertly crafted and perfectly presented combination.The powerful emotive vocals especially its variations were incredible for sure and were capable of delivering the album’s lyrical concept which is “The haunting feelings of exile and isolation are all too familiar for the Perth-based act and there is no better way to face it, than to embrace it. Wanderlust is a test of willpower for the exiled, the unspoken and the fearful silent to maintain their belief for a time that will come when the elements shall prevail and inherit the Earth once and for all.” – Illyria explained. 

The allure doesn’t stop there; it’s enhanced by captivating guitar riffs featuring high-quality rhythmic elements and skillfully crafted lead lines. Each track was a delight, making it hard to pick a favorite. I want the audience to experience it firsthand. The guitars, bass, drums, and overall musical arrangements are impeccably executed. The introduction of a melodic soft guitar sets the tone perfectly, a clever and memorable choice. “Wanderlust” exemplifies the juxtaposition of chaos and harmony in a dark and remarkable concept reminiscent of the 90s golden era. “This album is quite remarkably the darkest and most confronting collection of music I have written. Not necessarily always the heavy sections either, even the spacious and ambient sections have a grim undertone within”. Stajic further explains, “Some of these songs have been written for nearly a decade, but they never truly had a fitting home. I have finally collected all the final pieces of the puzzle and I am eager to showcase this side of the band” – Ilija Stajic stated.

The Australian rock/metal scene has been a significant influence in the music industry for many years. I predict that Illyria will soon join the ranks of iconic names. So, grab your headphones, immerse yourself in the music, and experience the magic.