Originally formed back in 1988, the industrial heavyweights Black Tish dropped their album Viral Apocalypse in February 2023. Being one of the genre’s pioneers, Black Tish are mixing and experimenting with sounds and effects, perfecting their heavy sound throughout the time. Let me tell you more about it.

Black Tish opened Viral Apocalypse with the mysterious atmospheric intro of NewNew Song 2020, promising a heavy industrial experience coming ahead. It steadily moves forward with escalating soundscapes, pushing their boundaries further while introducing pounding beats and layers of dark sounds and melodies. Old Song 2020 hits next feeding the heaviness machine with more hard-hitting beats and irresistible grooves. Building upon its predecessor’s sound and energy, Old Song 2020 fiercely pushes toward a bigger, harder, and more intense sound that steadily escalates with massive dynamic shifts that keep things moving and listeners fully hooked. New Song 2020 takes the record’s flow to the next level, with a sound that’s always progressing and boosting the energy with heavy twists and turns, and deeply effective shifts that create an ever changing structure with diverse sounds and elements that go on with perfect layering allowing each melody and beat to be fully heard and cause its impact. Squishy comes next with a storming heavy sound and a driving groove while keeping Black Tish‘s dark, mysterious sound and vibes uncompromised.

It uses big atmospheric sounds to keep the listeners surrounded and fully invested in their sound, all within a fluid unbroken stream of elements and effects that maintains its core heaviness. With a rising beat and heavy fast riffs, Musique Concrete hits next sending the listeners off their seats headbanging. The dark mysterious samples and overlapping melodic riffs created a raw textured sound with deep emotionally manipulative vibes that got me scared at some point. SquishySquishy comes with more dark vibes and heavier sounds as we approach the end of the record with B13-Digest. D13-Digest is an epic sonic journey that closes this apocalyptic ride, offering an atmospheric stream within a heavy industrial mix that sums up the whole record’s essence.

Viral Apocalypse is a solid record by Black Tish that fits heavy music lovers’ tastes as well as electronic fans with a touch of psychedelia and lots of progressions, producing some smooth shifts with extremely moving dynamics. Looking forward to more from Black Tish, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!