And the story of the album takes us on a journey from the beginning, how far away will your mind take you how many things your mind can manage and The anger you can get to when your mind is noisy You can go to the shadows, and you can restore confidence again.
And once again, it’s not scary at all We’re always on a journey of knowledge and mission work.
We rethink our decisions, which is scary most of the time, but it’ll be fair in the end
Tim Cowley opened his lengthy project in collaboration with many musicians with great experience in the field of rock music to give us a piece of New art (very far)
Tim’s musician has appeared all over the world in the recent period to show us the spread and quality of the product he presents and his music has been played It has been more than 100,000 times on Spotify Fi and more than 60 independent radio stations and has appeared in more than 100 TV shows
Tim quotes a lot of artists with a high amount in this field such as Green Day, Queen, Foo Fighters, The Hold Steady, Amazons, Spanish Love Songs, Menzingers, Butch Walker
He co-produced and mixed in Boston, Portland, Oregon, The album features musicians in Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, and New Jersey, producers and engineers who have worked with the likes of Amy Mann, The Cult,Offspring, Dandy Warholz, Iggy Pope, David Byrne, Garth Brooks, perhaps Be giants, mountain goats, letters to Cleo, Tanya Donnelly and more
The effort in this album is fabulous in terms of musical composition and writing And it shows when you hear the album in the sequence that exists
And after the difficult time we’ve been through, Tim revives hope in most of his songs, talking about seeing colors and breathing new air Refreshing, looking for the smell of adventure, and restoring confidence again And the album is full of ambition and the smell of freedom
For those who don’t know about flashpot Moments:
You know when to be at a concert, and there’s a great moment — a loud vocal shift, a shift in dynamics, a key Dramatic change, step up in the final chorus – and fireworks explode? Those Bayrous are called “Flashpot” guns.
The album is full of dance rhythms, rock ‘n’ roll sounds, and what distinguishes the album is that it’s a group of a lot of artists With different energies, it gives us this sense of euphoria and jumping higher and higher
Tim finishes the album with The Crowd That Was, a musical theme balanced between musical sounds, to tell us Figuratively, we’ve arrived at the end of the journey, and it could be complicated, lost, or even lost, but we’ll find It’s always home, and it’s the theater.
The album consists of 10 songs that you can hear on all the music.

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