Photo credit: Monika Deviat

The Vancouver-based psychedelic doom grunge duo Post Death Soundtrack presented an iconic mix that you cannot find anywhere else. Their fourth full-length ‘Veil Lifter’ showcases impressive various elements collected all in one release. Let’s find out!

The journey of the Post Death Soundtrack was indicated by Stephen Moore (Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics) which delivers powerful vocal performances, embodying various themes with a mix of ferocity and serenity, surrealism, and familiarity.Later, Jon Ireson (Bass, Additional Guitars, Production) was recruited to the lineup, adding mesmerizing psychedelia to the mix.

In their 11-track album, Veil Lifter is a bold, uncensored exploration of spiritual themes, mental illness, and terrifying realities. The name refers to “lifting the veil of ignorance” from Eastern philosophy. The protagonist navigates shamanic visions, dreamscapes, and a quest for solace, culminating in facing renewal and transformation.

Pre-order the full album on Bandcamp.

While listening to the album you can find many inspirations and influences such as Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Opeth, Tool, Windhand, The Stooges, Russian Circles, Mastodon, and Queens of the Stone Age, among many others. Along with their incredible songwriting and production, I loved how they were keen on the melodic output. In my opinion, this is a very smart step in their mix, why? Well, to keep the listener attached and focused on the themes and the music. Especially, they are adding various musical elements to each track. Steve Moore commented on the album as a raw, uncensored work reflecting his experiences with isolation, depression, addiction, and resilience. It draws on metaphorical and dream-like language to convey personal emotions and incorporates influences from Advaita, the Gita, Zen, and Krishnamurti. The album serves as a form of spiritual protection during challenging times and is dedicated to Steve’s father, Ted George Moore.

In addition, I would like to highlight the album lineup especially the drumming style of Casey Lewis which was recorded at Echo Base Studio. Seriously, I loved how Casey was keen on keeping the raw/old-school style in the spirit but presented it in a modern style. Impress, isn’t it? Defenilty, the album engineering by Jon Ireson, and back again to Casey for the mix and master created an iconic output. In my view, Jon and Steve collaborated on a new music direction inspired by guitar parts, resulting in a shift from electronic production. “The album’s foundation was quickly laid with drums, rhythm guitars, and bass, later enhanced by vocal layers and melodic bass lines. Casey Lewis’s contribution added intensity. The song “Lowdown Animal” symbolizes the band’s outsider spirit, likening them to hyenas taking down lions with cunning.” – Jon Ireson.

The album ‘Veil Lifter’ will be released on digital platforms on April 16th. A limited edition vinyl run is also expected at a slightly later date. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a psychedelic atmosphere with doom grunge elements, then Post Death Soundtrack is your greatest choice in 2024. Cheers!

Pre-order the full album on Bandcamp.