Super talented Swedish artist Vargen and band releases a new album titled simply “Vargen”…a 9-track musical and lyrical oddysee that is not to be missed…it’s an absolute joy with every second of this album.

“Vargen”, the album, goes through almost all the human emotions you’d think of…from the bright to the dark and all in between…with the frontman’s unique vocal abilities, musical charisma, and presence, they are breaking boundaries, exploring emotions and bringing us on an excellent storytelling experience…

The album takes an acoustic-focused approach and aims for our emotional bullseye…takes aim… and shoots…and hits the target in amazing fashion.

The album starts with bright and hopeful emotions with the song “Mindy Morning”…an aptly named starting track to a journey of an album…with an upbeat rhythm and a positive emotion, “Mindy Morning” kicks off the album on a very polished start.

Vargen takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride that starts from the first song and you get it once the second song starts, “Like A Bird Of Prey” is a piano-centric and vocals song…a more mellow and laid-back acoustic experience that sounds and feels absolutely amazing.

…the album continues to explore the emotional spectrum and goes to a darker places with “Easter Soul” and “Them Cats”, the later takes a bar jazz approach with the featuring of an icon in guitar playing in Sweden, artist Jojje Wadenius, which does wonders with his guitar and gives us some of the best guitar soloing we’ve heard in years.

…then jumps into a big band kind of smooth jazz/reggae masterpiece which is “Toxicon”…a dear song to me and an absolutely amazing piece of musicality that we don’t get to experience anymore…

The Album ends with “A Midnight Dreary”…which when you think about it, the album started with “Mindy Morning”…and now, it’s midnight…the journey is like a full day of emotions, but will stick with us for weeks and weeks to come.

“A Midnight Dreary” is a dark, melancholic lullaby that haunts the listeners from its first seconds…and one of the songs that I believe the vocals take a very theatrical approach to…and the music goes to some emotionally fuelled climaxes that are absolutely mesmerizing.

Wishing all the best to Vargen, hoping to hear more and more of his beautiful and unique musicality… can’t wait.