Debut albums are usually hit or miss because a band comes to a formula that they suspect will get them to be successful or more mainstream. In the case of Florida-based rockers Roxx Revolt & The Velvets though, they made a balanced record that succeeds in putting together more than one influence to make a coherent sound. Let me describe each of the album’s 12 tracks for you.

1- Coming Down

This track opens the album on such a high and powerful note. It has some hard rock and arena rock tendencies with thunderous drums and super-charged bass lines that will always get you headbanging. The song doesn’t spare a single moment where it’s not energetic or dull, especially when the guitar solo hits and gives you these goosebumps.

2- King Revolt

Major Iggy Pop influences here and a punkish touch, the effect on the vocals makes them have a strong impact, but it’s the vocalist himself who displays a wide range and smooth changes between his registers that will keep you coming back to this track.

3- Shotgun

A highly pop-punk number with late 70s/early 80s vibes. I really love how the verses progress into the chorus and make the song super catchy and memorable. The drumline is the one particular element that keeps it connected in my opinion.

4- Get High

This track dives deeper into classic rock with a small touch of Southern music. The vocalist uses some twang and some nasality here, which I found to be a great variety.

5- Birdie Like Woman

So many influences have been mashed up for this one, as well as so many instruments too. I really loved the horns and additional melodies and how the band isn’t afraid to include pop elements if it serves the track’s purpose.

6- Run For Cover

An intimidating and ballsy song that makes you think of your favorite WWE star entering wearing their singlet and giving you the most intimidating look ever. I love how the band caters to so many different listeners with the many tricks they have up their sleeves.

7- Carolina

This track is for rock purists who love their guitars chunky, the bass sounding big, the vocals shouty and strong, and last but not least, the drums pummeling their way through the lines almost shattering the listeners’ eardrums. This is a heavier and more moving piece.

8- Rolling On

This one has super bluesy vocals with lots of grit and distortion but the nicest element here was the vocals. The vocalist is going to new places here and even has a gospel-style choir backing him up. The song tricks you by starting as a ballad, then speeds up its tempo during the bridge/solo and the outro. I fell in love with that change so much.

9- Fire

A fairly longer track than the others and it sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack of a true crime documentary because of how ominous and dark it is. The lengthy solo was honestly the part I enjoyed the most. 

10- Combat Song

This one has a nice guitar riff and refrain that will get you up on your feet and moving. This track’s riffs kinda bridge the gap between Måneskin and AC DC, I love how their sound is accessible to more than one age group and demographic.

11- Mosquito Song

This song is experimental and different. The vocals are not similar to the rest of the album… surprisingly, there are new ideas in the second to last track. 

12- Second Thoughts

This song features claps, and fun riffs, and has the overall vibe of a beach song….while still maintaining some heavy edginess.

In conclusion, these twelve tracks have a sense of connection with one another through some minor elements. Generally speaking though, they have different and varied styles and ideas to keep you interested throughout its entire duration. I highly recommend this album.