The opening track, “Si tu es belle,” has dreamy vibes with its slow rhythms gradually escalating. The vocals are so warm and charming, making you think he’s singing the most lovable lines, yet he’s singing painful, realistic lyrics about the types of men who think that women are less than them and all they have to do is be pretty. Music is a universal language that we can all communicate well. You don’t have to understand French to get that “Tout était flou” has a gloomy, sad atmosphere. Although the melodies are light, they have a heavy impact on the heart along with the emotional, passionate singing. “Waves” is the only English song in the album, and as they say, you change with every language you speak. The vocals in this one had a resemblance to “Chris Martin,” which I didn’t notice in the other songs. It’s a heartfelt piece that gives the soul serenity with its tender vocals and soothing guitar riffs for four minutes straight. With bittersweet, splendid vocals and folktronica rhythms that sound like a quarrel between the instruments, “La Pareille” describes the eternal fight between the good and evil, the human vs. the world.

The title track, “Tout le monde a froid”, has a dynamic, resonating chorus, and the sturdy, powerful drums’ beats suit the single mood best. The lyrics have a cold, blue vibe, and they speak of loneliness in a world where people die or disappear. A soulful piano intro opens “Mon enfant roche.” It features a soft, caressing vocal that sings the lyrics like a lullaby to a child from a loving parent. The slower, softer part is what most closely resembles a nighttime lullaby. “J’m’ennuie de tes yeux” has love vibes all over the lyrics, melodies, and vocals. The cascading rhythms feel like heartbeats when you see the one you love. The closing track, “Ton nom,” is heartbreaking. The vocals have a touching, sorrowful tone. It’s a stripped-down piece with the gentle piano notes, and adding the violin made it more touching. Hearing it gives the impression of: “who died?” And it talks about losing people we care about, with such painful lyrics.

A moving storytelling through the eight tracks that will get to you, at least on single you’ll find relatable. Put on your headphones and enjoy.



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Viola Karmy