“Throwback” is a small space that reveals Roy Shakked’s vast and different songwriting abilities and his skills in tonal diversity, from funky rock to a lively atmosphere.

10 songs that took me on a journey of 38 minutes and 47 seconds to a world of candy bars. I enjoyed moving between the varied songs with their refreshing and cheerful music, which took me back to the harmonies influenced by the wonderful era of the seventies and eighties.

“Play On” is a perfect example of a fun, playful song, and a successful opening from its name to key melodies, funky guitar lines, and lyrics that emit a flash of Shakked’s vocal intensity.

Here in “Your eyes” and “Harden your heart” the tone is sober and calm, filled with clear and varied guitars and soft tones, lively and warm as the sun.

“Emotional” exudes the magic of pop-funk with its light atmospheric beats, the sound sequence right through to a solid “I get emotional” line along with its gorgeous piano keys.

We notice in a song like “Nothing You Can Do” that it has a groove of the 70s with clear bass and bass, and a guitar with a great piano that doesn’t let anyone stand without bobbing with it.

In ‘Ocean’ we find a sweet setting with melodic guitars and light synth synths that create an alien atmosphere with lyrical performance to pull you into the depths of the ocean, swim with the sharks, and find that ‘waves are your emotions.

A whole new soul wears “Fly on the wall,” as we hear, causing us to sway but still maintaining the album’s style. Elsewhere, another song, “I’m Telling Anyone,” draws us in with perfectly appropriate poetic lines, masterfully and lively formed to the rhythms of synth and piano.

The best instrumental sound we are used to Shakked in “Throwback” is found in “Beautiful things”, which transports us to quieter and more romantic places with its uncluttered voice filled with piano and trumpet as well as stringed instruments adding a sad touch.

Roy Shakked has managed to create something musically beautiful by making use of the best instruments to create a sound that looks both vintage and modern at the same time, giving those who love various instruments a great opportunity and an unforgettable experience.