The Wrong Signals

The Wrong Signals are a Manchester, UK-based Indie Rock/Pop trio. Their blend of Indie Rock/Pop, the Pop Punk splash, the 80’s and 90’s influences, and the clear chemistry between them with their musicianship, all result in the perfect recipe for high-quality, addictive work.

The band draws inspiration from real-life experiences, which makes their music credible and appealing. Dave Cross, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, went through a difficult time a few years ago, and his experiences came out through songwriting, so he decided to form a band in 2018. That was the first seed of “The Wrong Signals.” Watering the seed with step two, as in a short time, bassist and backing vocalist Rob Boardman joined. After the pandemic, drummer and backing vocalist Mark Shilton completed the trio, and the band was ready to rock and flourish.

The three-piece have recently released their second EP, “Thoughts/Patterns.” It has four tracks that last for almost 15 minutes, with each minute capturing their style, energy, and sincerity. The songs are all contemplative in nature, but each has its own vibe and originality.

The EP begins on the right foot with “Near Death Experience,” which takes your breath away as if you’ve just experienced one! What a way to start the EP and hook you right away, leaving you wondering how they’ll raise the bar in the subsequent singles. It’s sincere, touches the core right away, and authentic. The poignant vocals effortlessly get you. Sonically, it conveys the story as much as the lyrics while spicing up the atmosphere a little. The three effective chords and the dynamic drumbeat harmonize with Cross’s vocals and serve as a third backing vocalist.

“In The Room” is the bittersweet one. It has both dismal and uplifting vibes. How Cross’s voice variegates to match the ambiance is outstanding. All the elements fit together ideally, with each one taking its needed space. The instruments generate incredible energy to hype one’s soul up. The rhythm is perfect to describe what’s going on in any human’s head.

Setting a more serene mood in “Is This My Reality?” The song has a distinct vibe and sound from the other songs. It kicks off with drum loops and soothing vocals. It moves to more dynamic rhythms, yet it retains its calming effect all along. The lyrics are honest, heartfelt, and relevant. As the end approaches, you can see how each single is connected to the EP’s title and how it provides a genuine experience.

The EP concludes with “The Wrong Signal,” a reworked version of a song from the previous EP. The song showcases the trio’s true essence as well as their unique, altered sound. It’s a fresh, modern single with an 80s and 90s charm. Hearing the two versions, you can tell how well these three get along and how much each of them contributes significantly to the band’s authenticity.

Listen to “Thoughts/Patterns” below for a fifteen-minute break from everything and reconnect with yourself.