Normal Behaviour” is a one-man multi-instrumental artist and producer Guy Nicholas Challenger, from Swansea, UK…

…and he is here to share with the world his views on mental well-being, peer pressure, the music industry and believing in yourself…and I think this is what the world might actually need right now.

His latest release is an EP of 4 tracks, called “Thimble” and we’re here to explore his revelations.

Starting out from the first track in the album, “Mascot”.
“Mascot” is a light indie track, driven by the vocals, guitar, and bell-keys sounding instruments.
The sounds are soothing, the lyrics are also soothing in their own way, it talks about mental health and how we go through good and bad days, but we face it with a smile and being positive anyways….and he “we” should be our biggest supporters.

From there, we go into the second track “Death Wish”…
But with a title like this, Guy doesn’t relinquish the positive musicality that he introduced us to in the previous song.
“Death Wish” also centers musically around the vocals and guitars, but with some pads/strings drawing the background for this painting of a song.
Lyrically, the song talks about experiencing a dark period in life, and how it might seem very hard to get over it…but I think this also puts these ideas out in the open for the listeners to think about it, and maybe, just maybe, it can turn the light switch up for some and help them get over the darkness.

The third track is the EP’s title track, “Thimble”.
It hits home talking about the music industry, and Guy’s view of what it is like.
Musically, it is what we’d expect from “Normal Behaviour”, leading the sound of the song with guitars and bell-like keys, and some synth modified elements.
The lyrics are very metaphorical with this one…I love it when artists do this because the listener can shape the lyrics as they feel…and for me, the lyrics resonated with how I can still be happy with all that I have gone through…but for you, it might mean something completely different….you decide.

“Better” is the fourth and the last track in this EP…and it has quite a shift in its musicality of it.
The chord progression is edgier and a bit more on the melancholic side…this puts some needed balance in the album, I’d say.
The brass sound is there to put some emphasis and it does it perfectly, along with “Normal Behaviour”;’s staple of vocals and guitars leading the music.

“Normal Behaviour” is at-its-core a multi-talented artist, making music, writing lyrics, exploring emotions, and getting his message out there as a “I Was Here Too” sign along a challenging road, so anyone who comes across it can take some solace and reassuring…and maybe continue the journey with a bit more positive mindset.

Guy, we wish you all the best in life and music, you’re awesome and you’re making awesome music. Looking forward to the surprises you have for us.


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