The Now just released their latest original EP that is bound to become an international anthem. Five songs of bold Alt-Rock that clock in +16 minutes that don’t mess around.

The guitar is just REAAAAALLY good, like gaging good like if it was a desert, people would fight over it.

The first song, ‘Holy’ –with currently +26K streams on Spotify, starts right off the bat unapologetically strong, then the brassy, playful and sensual vocals take you in as the eye of a hurricane. 

Again, though with a different energy, the guitar takes the centre of the stage from the first second on track number two, ‘Rockstar’ (+10K streams on Spotify and counting).

The whole album goes on like that through the entire five-track compilation until you are left with a buzzing and welcomed head blown to pieces.

The Now is a four-piece band from South Wales who, although they only started playing together in 2018, is determined to stand out with their unique sound. 

‘The Truth Always Comes Out In The End’ was preceded by two critically acclaimed singles, ‘Shoot Them Down’ and the previously discussed track above, ‘Holy’, showcasing the talent of this brilliantly British Rock act.

‘The Truth Always Comes Out In The End’ is a motif around a mysterious individual who uses ransom notes to communicate. The remarkable work and music from The Now’s haunting talent leave an indelible impression on the listener, leaving us wanting to hear more from them.