Nothing But A Nightmare’s latest studio album is a feast of Punk, Hard Rock, and dizzyingly powerful vocals.

Courtesy of Eddie Tamanini, the voice is the true highlight, in the front and at the center of all the attention. A truly powerful voice, and a natural performer. Nothing But A Nightmare is a Langhorne, PA-based band, currently on their third full-length release. A band that’s always expanding, experimenting and crossing genre boundaries. They are a group of passionate individuals who are clearly happy doing what they do. Let’s find out more.

The Salvation is an album about making up with past trauma, or at least accepting it. With lyrics that discuss possibly personal topics about the past and the ended relationships of the band members. It does so through an 11-song collection that starts at Punk Rock á la Greenday, then manages to stick to it throughout the album.

Along the many bangers on this album, some stand out as highlights more than others. Those include the starting song ’Baggage Claim’. Featuring a blazing distorted guitar, and a prominent overdriven bass along with the drums’ dizzying pace. With a vocal performance that soars to unbelievable heights, and a mad, scratchy guitar solo, it’s a starter that sets the tone and draws the expectations. Can’t Fix Stupid also stands out for it’s imaginative verse vocals. Almost rapped, on top of a Tom-heavy drum part, and a sizzling horn section that gets introduced in the second half, it’s a song that showcases the band as proficient on many different fronts. You also shouldn’t miss the bluesy undercurrents of Ready To Roll, or the massive Greenday vibes and the unconventional melodic solo on I Hate You. The Old Days is a gorgeous piano-based stunning closing ballad. With sweet, syncopated chord hits and beautiful singing, it’s definitely a favorite of mine.

For all the fans of the genre, The Salvation would be an enjoyable listen, start to end. Already waiting for more.