In my view, Jazz Rock albums are one of the most tricky albums to review, especially when it has many other elements included like reggae, funk, and pop. However, I believe that Wabi Sabi’s latest album The Love Insane is the best so far in 2024. Let me tell you why below.

Wabi Sabi is an ensemble band based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded by the vocalist and producer, Damian Cartier. Unlike the rest of the previous albums, Cartier took the COVID period as an essential tie to change perspectives and present something new. Which I highly admire and respect as I see artists nowadays present the same melodies, riffs, ideas, and every single release annually.

Well, as a musician I can relate to what Cartier did, it’s like when you get back to your old tunes and reshape them again, in fact, this is what I have done recently. He used the COVID period to do the programming on some new and old songs and then, one by one replaced it with live musicians. Believe me, it’s a very challenging and long process, but it’s so enjoyable process as well.


His powerful emotive vocals along with the the horns and strings part were a huge factor to love this album indeed. Definitely, I cannot forget to mention the tight rhythmic core by guitar, bass, and drums which all presented a full iconic release. “It was such a departure from our last album which was a double “live” album, and the other two albums we made in the studio. It was nice for me to be able to work on it at home, using any spare time I had learning, editing, mixing, and experimenting.” – Damian Cartier explained.

Wabi Sabi‘s musical prowess is truly showcased in their latest album, “The Love Insane.” The band effortlessly transcends genres, moving from the captivating lyric jazz rock of “The Truth” to the infectious junkyard country vibes of the title track. “New Life” takes listeners on a cosmic journey reminiscent of Steely Dan in a spaceship, infusing the album with a bop that is sure to get you moving.

“We love letting each song become its own personality. I think songs should each be their own thing and not have to fit with a label or genre…the songs come out as they first appeared out of the ether, and this band breathes such beautiful life into them. We have been making music together for 24 years, and I hope we get to keep doing just that for as long as possible.” – Cartier added.

Wabi Sabi‘s ability to maintain quality and joy throughout the album has solidified their place as a favorite in Atlanta’s music scene and earned them a spot among legendary jam bands like Phish and The Jimmy Buffet Experience. The energy and thrill of a live performance are palpable in their new material, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the music and jam along to the infectious beats.

So, if you’re looking for a musical adventure that defies boundaries and embraces creativity, look no further than Wabi Sabi‘s “The Love Insane.” Tune in, listen closely, and let the music transport you to a realm where genres blend seamlessly and the love for music reigns supreme.