From their very first single, Jobbaloon took the music industry by storm. The Detroit-based duo are unique in their musical approach and identity; they focus on the psych-pop genre with an alternative twist and rock elements. They refer to themselves as an “audio-visual experience”, which you will understand immediately once you listen to their music. The duo vowed to sign up with no label and prefer to work as independent artists who compose, record, and produce their music themselves. Joshua Achatz is the vocalist, guitar player, piano player, writer, and co-producer of the band along with the producer, Justin Squires; together the dynamic duo was able to come up with a sound like no other. 

Last year, they released their latest album “The Invitation”; an eight-track album with an interesting storyline where each song leads to the next one while keeping a smooth transition. It starts with an “intro” a 30-second track that starts with the sound effect of an old radio changing channels that finally settles on one with a man giving a speech about “stillness and silence with us”, it moves to the next track immediately “The Invitation”; a one-minute track where the speech continues but with synths, smooth guitar tunes playing along, an interesting beat, intriguing pauses, and musical rests. I got emerged in the following 3 tracks: Bm, Aligned, and Baby Blue; they took me on a journey of mood transitions where each one struck a different nerve, each with a significant element to focus on, while all blending in perfectly together as if they belong to one another. “Days” was the one that got caught up in my head the most with its guitar chords, clapping sound effects, and simple drumline. The chorus is almost impossible to forget. The song simply sounds familiar yet like nothing you’ve heard before. A music video was released for “Days” with a scene from the 1952 movie “Singing in the Rain” that almost syncs perfectly with the lyrics and melody.

I found, every melody, tune, sound effect, and context of this album; unique, intriguing, and simply enjoyable, it’s a definite ‘add-to-playlist’ album. The band pulls off a one-of-a-kind live show with visual effects, projection, smoke, confetti, and anything that can simply add to the overall experience and fits with the musical context. Check their socials to catch their next show.