American rockers The Hungry and The Dangerous dropped their debut self-titled record on the 22nd of July 2022, and it’s living proof that rock will never die. Released via Diotima Records, The Hungry and The Dangerous will satisfy all your hard rock needs and present you with the next heavy band to follow. Let me tell you more about it.

The Hungry and The Dangerous kickstart their self-titled with The Vision, a brief atmospheric intro that builds up to the rock roll explosion coming next. With a rocking riff and pounding drums comes the next song The Hungry and The Dangerous, it shows their big sound and pure hard rock roots as they throw fury vocals, shredding licks, and melodic distorted riffs everywhere. Anxious Hearts picks up its predecessor’s pace and builds upon its energy and heaviness, it seems like those guys are pushing forward with every song getting louder and harder with extended rocking guitars and energetic grooves that’ll drive the fans crazy when played live. Pushing their sound boundaries more into a more groovy sound while maintaining their heaviness comes Insomniacs. It has a groovy dynamic structure with a really cool bassline, a shredding guitar hero solo, and a super cool sing-along engaging section. Steering the record’s dynamics into a slower more emotional mood comes Ghost Dance. It’s a powerful ballad with classic guitars, from-the-heart melodies, and a lovely fluid structure that perfectly fits its pace. The Hungry and The Dangerous’ heavy take on Summer of 69 was pretty surprising, they pushed its sound and dynamics way forward while keeping its energy and that’s not an easy job, especially with such a popular song. The heavy riffs perfectly matched Summer of 69’s flow and the solos and licks boosted its energy. Life Won’t Wait hits next with a hurricane of riffs and a super catchy verse, I’d say that’s my favorite off the record. It has unstoppable energetic vibes, a fast, pure, authentic rocking sound that pumps blood through your veins, and BIG DRUMS. I.L.C 22’ hits even harder, maxing the record’s energy and dynamics, throwing the listeners off their seats moshing and headbanging with complex solos and loud rocking sections. Guests Greg Gory and Jeremiah Dangers added a twist to Anxious Hearts and Summer of 69 versions at the end of the record respectively while Ghost Dance’s Nashville Sessions version gave us a clear perspective of their live energy. Great way to end a debut record that showed the listener all different sides of The Hungry and The Dangerous.

The Hungry and The Dangerous’ debut self-title is a pure rocking record that shows their total dedication to their sound and direction. Those guys have the ability to lay non-stop heavy riffs with maximum energy and top-notch delivery with solid, well-written, and arranged catchy structures. Looking forward to more from The Hungry and The Dangerous, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!