With diverse sound and beautiful arrangements, the brainchild project Reaffinity of the American multi-instrumentalist Chris Diana dropped their new EP Tether on the 31st of July 2023 via  Sharkbeard Records. Blending genres, Reaffinity will take you on a special sonic journey in Tether. Let me tell you more about it. 

Reaffinity opened Tether with the huge building-up wall of sound which is Stake, a powerful statement and intro that gets the listeners ready and excited to be picked up by the title track Tether‘s heavy pounding riffs. It smoothly moves and blends sound patterns going from calm parts into heavier ones gradually, all in a subtle atmospheric sound with a haunting guitar melody and deep overcoming bass and drums. All Along comes next with a fluid storming riff that dramatically takes us to a spacey Deftones-ish verse, it has a deep atmospheric sound with subtle progressions that listening closely, blends all melodies, riffs, and beats into one dynamic stream. All Along has beautiful escalating melodies that work perfectly with the slow dense riffs, creating a big hypnotizing sound. Later On hits next with a faster flow and more upbeat sound right at the beginning, before steering into a calmer area in the verse. It has a changing structure that moves forward towards an even more open sound while keeping its dark mood intact. Steering towards a deep emotional sound comes Closest Town. It has a multi-layered, emotional melodic flow that hits deep into your soul with a beautifully arranged atmospheric sound supported by a perfect vocal melody, delivering 100% of the song’s feeling. Golden Hearts has a heavy slow sound with thick riffs that hits hard with pounding explosive drums and Reaffinity‘s signature melodic atmosphere. Transitions I ends the EP with a statement just the way it started. It has a heavy flow that moves seamlessly, carrying the listeners towards the end and leaving them wanting more.

Tether is a tight on-point EP from Reaffinity. It shows their attention to detail, seasoned writing skills, and knowledge of their sound and direction. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from Reaffinity, keep on rocking. Cheers!