‘Tell me what you want,’ the fourth full-length studio album by the UK-based indie folk band The Dunwells, was released on May 19th of this year. It was co-written by Joseph and David Dunwell, mixed by Tim Palmer and Chuy Flores, and produced by Gavin McGrath. 

It is a soulful and consistent album that pulls heavily from folk music; the nearly sorrowful vocals combine with whimsical guitar riffs and percussions to produce a captivating and unforgettable record. 

Using the title of the album’s opening track, “This is love,” the Dunwells skillfully established the album’s core premise. The result is an upbeat and sincere folk song with beautifully timed percussion. Songs like “Daydreamer,” “Tell Me What You Want,” and “Heart Electric” inject a fresh energy into the album’s folk/country foundations while maintaining a distinct identity. 

As a whole, the record is heavily contemplative and encompasses strong, mature themes in all its elements. Such themes get emphasized most on tracks such as “Gold,” where the listener is brought in to observe and experience a young man’s coming of age through resonating vocals and a whimsical chorus. 

The album concludes with the song “How Will They Remember Us?” which adheres to the album’s optimistic tone with its reassuring message of overcoming adversity through perseverance and good company. 

The artists’ heartfelt sincere emotions bleed through every track, and the impassioned, gritty, and reflective lyrics make this album an anthem for folk and blues fans everywhere.