Sun’s seven is the mini best-of compilation that Belgian solo artist Sun Lite made with his seven best tracks. The selection of tracks here has various influences and many different subgenres incorporated to make a special and unique sound. Let me tell you what makes each of those tracka stand out.

1- Pig Brother

A larger-than-life instrumentation guides this track into being one of the album’s most dense and heavy numbers. The influences range from grunge to hard rock. The bass production is amazing and the whole production is masterclass, making it hard to believe this is only one person’s work because of how spectacular it sounds.

2- Movin On’

This is when things begin to become industrial and electronic. The percussion was a bit softer than the previous track, and the vibe makes this one suitable for a noir movie soundtrack. It’ll definitely land on my favorites playlist due to its unique sound and how it stands out among the rest.

3- The Night Hag

This track introduced a magical new element in the album: the middle eastern influence. The chord progression and the almost spoken style of the lyrics makes this very similar to broadway musicals and movie scores, and the epicness of the arabian melodies playing will enchant you for the entire short duration of this song…it’s only downside is that it ends.

4- Trolls

This track takes a great advantage of clean acoustic guitars and tribal percussions to put you in a state of trance. You could fit this track in an oldies playlist full of nostalgic 90s and 80s tracks and nobody would notice it came out after that golden era of music.

5- Dog & Pony Show, Pt. 1 – Radio Edit

This track has got to be my favorite track on the entire record for its prog rock, blues, and soft rock influence. I know the additional instruments were all virtual, but the musicianship on this track is exceptional and sensational.

6- Not The Bats, Not The Chinese – 2022 Remastered Version

I love the crystal clear production of the instrumentation and vocals here. The effects are balanced, and the orchestration brings some oriental vibes and influences that I really loved. The track’s percussion is the most remarkable thing about it, trust me when I say it’ll get you headbanging.

7- Pendulum – 2022 Remastered Version

This track is entirely electronic and has ethereal vibes that will get you zoning out into a dream world. I believe some may compare this track to a popular trend in electronic music nowadays called “Psychedelic Trance” thanks to the mood it puts you in. The minore role that the vocals play too add to that feeling…it’s a great way to experiment in the middle of other rock-ish tracks and I’m amazed by how it fits the vibe and complements the other tracks amazingly.