Like an underwater hallucination of Chet Baker’s, Subwater Beats contains tracks that rattle, shake, and provoke. Using double bass, guitars, and drums, the band creates a unique sound that elevates the listening experience to a spiritual awakening. “Korallenbeat” is part meditative, part grungy, “In the Moment of Immersion” has an oriental beat with some space rock elements underneath the multi-layered psychedelic sound. “Breath” has elements of theatricality in the drone-like bass while “Paraminabea” has a haunting, chilly intro that puts the rest of the songs to bed early as they give a standing ovation to its intensity of sound. “The Awakening” -which features great saxophone numbers from Germany’s Philip Gropper- is the closest to jazz and experimentation as one would think. “Whale” is probably the most uplifting of the whole album, owing to its vivacity the steady beat, and rhythm.
Subwater Beats is a music creation ahead of its time, raising standards for Sinularia’s future work. The questions would not be who are they? but more of what are they up to? 

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Jaylan Salah