The Australian extraordinary artist Derek Lee Goodreid is back with “Struck By Lightning Again,” an astonishing album in which he poured his heart and soul along with his incomparable talents and skills.

Derek Lee Goodreid is a singer-songwriter, and we can’t get enough of his music on our platform. It’s not every day we find genuine musicians with remarkable artistry. His organic sound blends Americana, Country, Folk, Rock, Blues, and R&B, along with acoustic elements, to leave you mind-blowing by how he combines them in coherent compositions and how his husky vocals match the mix perfectly.

“Struck By Lightning Again” is a ten-track album featuring Lee Goodreid’s musical prowess, witty, relatable writing, and powerful vocals. The album shows diversity in sound and themes, where you find yourself wanting to dance along with a song and cry with another. The gifted artist’s vocals also shift from powerful to vulnerable with the song’s content. The songs are relatable as they’re about human experiences such as love, heartbreak, taking risks, and loss. Every little detail of the record is well-structured to get you hooked, moving both your body and heart.

The album kicks off with the energetic, danceable, yet introspective song “Sinner.” It’s the ideal introduction to Lee Goodreid’s blended sound as well as his witty writing. It definitely tricks one’s mind that this is going to be a delightful record with relatable, neat lyricism. The positive feel lasts for a while as the following song, “Black Cat Blues,” gives off the same pulsy vibe along with luring storytelling.

Moving to “All or Nothing” with its energizing setup is your cue to take the risk. As the lyric says, “This is your moment to shine,” and every other boosting element will urge you to seize this moment, especially Lee Goodreid’s feisty vocals with the heartened delivery. “Buggin’ Out” comes next with its love theme, bright guitar, electrifying bass, and captivating vocals.


As an equality between mentioning animals in the album, dogs get to have their song as cats. “Underdog,” with its bluesy Americana swaying rhythms and salty vocal delivery, offers delicious symbolism in the lyrics and encourages one to keep on fighting. The following track discusses one of the most common topics that humans get confused about, “Wants and Needs,” and while the chorus “Is the thing you want really what you need?” sticks in your head and gets you wondering, you get to enjoy the up-tempo arrangement.

The title track “Struck By Lightning Again” portrays what it’s like to fall in love and how it differs every time, yet it still feels as the title suggests. It’s a sarcastic, playful tune with amusing Americana country and rock in the infectious mix, as well as charismatic delivery. “Ain’t It A Shame” comes with a heartfelt, melancholic wave. The country ballad conveys longing in every touching element, especially the soul-stirring vocals. We’re back to the peppy vibe with “Gone, Baby Gone,” and once more we get to enjoy the energetic, gritty vocals, with the lyrics sounding like moving on after the heartbreak in “Ain’t It A Shame.”

The album closes off with “Lost & Alone Again,” featuring both tragedy and the hope of healing. It’s a moving acoustic guitar-driven ballad with a sincere, vulnerable vocal performance. The song conveys the ache of having to grieve alone, as the artist’s beloved grandmother passed away and he couldn’t attend her funeral. You get to feel the pain in your core with the heartfelt composition and soulful delivery.

It’s quite a journey where you get to experience complex emotions and enjoy top-tier music. The album definitely leaves you struck by lightning, and your only cure is to play it again.