Thadeus Gonzalez, an artist from Oakland, demonstrates that rock music is thriving in today’s fast-paced digital and electronic age. The remarkable originality of his fourth album, “Street Fights Are Starting To Hurt,” is truly impressive. Let me explain why below.

The album features nine tracks and a cover of one of the most underrated hard rock and glam bands, Zebra. The energetic vibes and emotive vocals of the first two tracks make it easy to become enamored with the album. The third track, “Tussle,” stands out as a fantastic choice for a featured track. The melodic harmony is reminiscent of rock anthems from the golden era of the 70s and 80s, a quality that I particularly enjoy.

It is evident from listening to the album that it reflects Thadeus Gonzalez‘s personal experiences. The lyrics delve into feelings of being unsettled, discontent, and resolute, drawing inspiration from specific life situations. Gonzalez noted that this album takes a different direction from his previous work, stating, “I wanted something completely different from Opposite Faces which was an intentionally random and artsy hard rock album. This album is very concise and to the point. I wrote all of the songs on an acoustic guitar, wanting the singer songwriter vibe to be really heard in the final mixes. The lyrics are predominately about being unsettled, discontent, and standing your ground. More than on previous albums, I pulled song ideas from specific situations in my life.”

blankAs you delve further into the album, particularly in the middle tracks, I admire the fusion of vintage retro rock with modern mixing elements and performance techniques. It’s truly remarkable. Upon reviewing the album credits, I gained insight into the collaborative production involving Recorded, Engineered, Kyle Homme (Recording, Production, and Mastering), along with Tim Narducci and Dennis Hill, all of whom boast an impressive portfolio.

Thadeus Gonzalez ensured that each track stands out with its unique characteristics, a crucial aspect considering many new artists tend to produce albums where all songs sound alike. However, “Street Fights Are Starting To Hurt” guides you through a diverse journey in each track, evoking various emotions like happiness, sadness, and ambition. This diversity breathes life into the music, making it truly iconic. His energetic rendition of “Tell Me What You Want” for Zebra maintains the original song structure, captivating the listener without losing its essence.

Thadeus Gonzalez, in my view, stands out as the top artist in 2024 for expertly blending rock, blues, and soul genres. His music, praised by both critics and fans, hints at a future rock legend in the making. Cheers to that!