Dave Barrett, like many of us, was living life normally when suddenly life was disrupted and was nothing like it was before…COVID hit, everything went sideways…

Flashback to before…Dave was playing in a band, flash forward a bit, life took its own ways and he was working far from music…

His guitar was usually resting in between gigs…but that last gig, the guitar took to the corner and stayed there for quite some time. Collecting dust and living on memories of good times. 

Flash forward to the current time…Dave was tied to his house during COVID…he took a look at that guitar…and thought ‘yeah, maybe just a little’, not knowing that this move was about to erupt into many, many musical ideas. 

Dave actually finished an album….”Stockton Ave Vol. I”

…and he’s looking to finish even more songs . 

He got a notebook with many unlocked musical ideas that were imprisoned for so long…so COVID was a blessing in disguise for Dave. 

“Stockton Ave Vol.I” is an americana pop/country rock album with 14 highly crafted songs full of emotions, heartfelt melodies and emotional stories. 

The album starts with “Dance With Me”. 


An upbeat country/pop/rock song with a very solid melody that is sure to bring the party together, it’s one of those hit audience participation songs that nails that feeling. 

Going into the album, you’ll find diversity, like with “In The House That Is Empty”…it’s a very lyrical and melodic song full to the brim with flooding emotions and unique sounds. 

“Dance On The Sidewalk” sounds like a musical in a hollywood movie…the bass line is perfect and the vocalizing is brilliant…a great upbeat iconic song. 

…the more you dive deeper into the album the more you find more variety and diversity…for example “Lonely In The Night”, it has some rocking electric guitar chords and fills with an edgier rocky mood to it. 

Also, “What Love Can Do” is a very classic cello, strings and guitar song…it hits you in the soul. 

“Heroes Of Our Day” is the last song and it’s leaning to pop/rock and a bit of country…but once again electric guitars…and it has some excellent piano work.  

If you like guitar, pop, indie and country mixed together in a blender…you’ll find what you’ve been looking for. 

Dave, the only downside of this album is that….it ends eventually…we need an endless album. 

Best of luck to you, you definitely are one of a kind.