The Pilsen-based band ‘What’s In The Box’ began in February 2017 and has since released several albums and live sessions.

Their latest album “S(T)IMULATIONS” was released on October 27, 2023, after completing a 12-day recording process in Hradec Králové Studio “I” owned by Tomáš Fröde.

The band has performed in European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, and Poland…with fan bases all over Europe…

Their journeys often feature humorous and desperate situations, which can be viewed on their YouTube channel, so make sure to check the band’s official channel.

What’s In The Box’s last tour shined bright in a concert in Pilsen, sharing the stage with the bands ‘The Atavist’ and ‘Acid Row’, marking the album’s birth.

With their latest album “S(T)IMULATIONS” just being released, they already have many more concerts and are working on their next record…no time to lose, keepin’ it rockin’.

“S(T)IMULATIONS” offers a raw and powerful haven for all grunge and heavy lovers…and that’s evident from the very get-go of the album…

…starting with “Brain Signals”, the band established their powerful approach, musical prowess, and technical skills…

“Brain Signals” is an excellent introduction to the album, and an excellent introduction to the band if you’ve never experienced their unique musicality.

What’s In The Box always maintains a strong melodic presence within all of their songs, like “Devil’s Lair”, which could easily be an absolutely brilliant anthemic grunge experience…

…and they also have an excellent edge…they have groovy tracks that you could just jump and mash to, like the brilliantly named “Cartoon Network”…which was very interesting for me to check out when I saw the song list!

“Cartoon Network” is a brilliant example of the diversity that the band graces the world with, while maintaining their melodic and powerful charisma…it’s groovy, heavy, grungy, and rebellious.

“S(T)IMULATIONS”, with all of its power and might doesn’t shy away from going the mellow road, which is exactly what the band does with “What If”…a brilliant acoustic-focused song with an alternative feel and vibe, sharing some iconic musical DNA with the greats like Nirvana…and they keep building up energy in this song that it does explode at the end into a very huge sounding grunge rock epic.

What’s In The Box really keeps shining brighter with each track you experience, diverse, musical, powerful, melodic, and hugely anthemic…you can’t go wrong with any of it…it’s an instant hit by all standards.

Make sure you check out What’s In The Box’s latest album “S(T)IMULATIONS” and of course their YouTube channel for insights into the band’s journeys.

Wishing all the best to the great and brilliant band What’s In The Box.