Muddasheep stirs a good set of emotions in their new Rock/ Anthemic album release called ‘Still Leben’ –a collaboration with both new and experienced musicians.

Most tracks were created live with the help of an audience, using samples submitted by said musicians, and almost all songs feature other artists or bands, except for ‘Ascender’ and ‘Take It to the Grave’.

Still Leben consists of 14 songs clocking in +46 minutes, energetic yet melancholic, and the ambience changes from one piece to another are beautifully soothing, stimulating and balanced. 

The album also has an interactive version, enabling/disabling individual instruments and encouraging listeners to explore and experiment with music like they may have never done before. So if you dare unleash your inner experimental DJ, that version is available here.

The Vienna-based artist behind Muddasheep is Philipp Lehner. He has been creating music for the past 20 years, including soundtracks for popular games like ‘Cry of Fear’ and ‘Halfquake Trilogy’.

He self-describes his music composition style as: “downtempo, chill, future garage, ambient,” –and his melodies have been described as “haunting, melancholic, yet hopeful.”

We can confirm that the overall delivery of this album is indeed a dimensional experience. We were transported to different realms while playing the album on good speakers or headphones. Some were mysterious, some were supernatural, and some were full of light.

All in all, we were completely taken by surprise. Besides having the chance to listen to a unique album, we have encountered a new way of feeling music.