Saves The Witch, US-based band in Southport released their latest album ‘The Sound From A Burning Forest’ at the beginning of 2022, on January 14th.

‘Sounds from a Burning Forest’ is the second album by Saves the Witch. Building upon an eclectic style of Post Rock, Post Metal, and Ambient, this new project combines a dynamic and energetic group of instruments to present a getaway for rock and ambient fans and anyone in the mood for some brassy acoustics.

“We wanted to make the album easy to listen to, very spacey and ambient.” –Saves The Witch.

The album has 14 songs, and 50 minutes of different levels of melodies, beats, and sounds.

The intro song ‘Time is a Construct’ it’s a perfect prelude to give an overview of what the whole album is about. It starts off with a very spacey, futuristic tone, and halfway through it, a heavy guitar takes over to wake the h*ll up off your ears.

The following song, ‘Suicide by Idle Hands’, continues on the line of the powerful guitar, but then again halfway through, it tones it done to a gentler guitar until the next song (‘You Throw Stones, I’ll Throw Bricks’) takes over.

Skip forward and you’ll find ‘Dear Edea’, a nostalgic, mellow, slow tempo song that makes it feel like time freezes and starts rewinding towards better times.

The instrumentation choices, sound balance, and performance are all fascinating. The whole album is a very unique, original compilation of songs that keep on transporting you to different worlds. The idea of having the songs change the rhythm and beats halfway through makes you want to hear more and more, instead of getting bored and wanting to keep skipping to the next song.

A haunting band that creates outlandish, first-rate music. Their illustrations and artwork for their music are also very folkloric and mysterious, which adds more allurement to it all. Looking forward to listening to seeing new work and to listening to future projects!

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