The album begins with “Deep Space Mayday” which begins with a similar calling to Poet of the Fall’s “Can you hear me?” and grapples with the deep uncertainty of the world. “Savior Complex” has some deep vocals from Andreina Crepsac with a harder metal/rock song. The drone-heavy bass in “dis.ease” reminds listeners of the multi-layered sound effects in some Pink Floyd tracks as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ perfect blend of strings in “Californication”. While displaying heavier sounds on “The Hermit” and “Psychosis”, a song like “Sleepwalk” has some of the dreamiest soundscapes of the whole album, with altered vocals and nightmarish, confusing sound effects on top of each other. The influence of the band Failure could be found in more than one song, specifically “Deep Space Mayday” and “Distress Signals”, these two specifically define what it means to be a Sunset Afire song. On the other hand, “Red Sails” is not only the featured lyric video of the album but also the closest they have to a post-rock/nu-metal band like Seether.
Singularity is a cosmic creation, an experience in sounds that defies expectations. This revolutionary record has the signature of Sunset Afire and the ingenuity of producer/director Ed Parada, bringing the better of both sensations to listeners worldwide. 

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Jaylan Salah