A cool ballroom rock’n’roll sound with a twist of modern capitalism and need for power, Sex is not just about sexing one’s feelings or spicing a dull life of intimacy. “What Have you Done for Me Lately?” could be a raging anthem against world leaders and politicians on issues from global warming to COVID-affected job markets. “Do Me Too” is the coolest shagging song that anyone could hum to while preparing themselves for Valentine’s Day date -with Joe Goldberg(?) But hey, who cares-, but it’s also a carefree spit in the face of a world too immersed in superficiality and a culture too obsessed with appearances. “Indoor Boyfriend” is a COVID-inspired sexy track about intimacy and the possession of a lover in disguise. All tracks of Sex are inspired by sexual themes with a hint of political and social commentaries floating around. The lyrics are coy, layered with double meanings without losing the fun guitar riffs that make them cool to the ears.
With Sex, 9 o’clock Nasty proved themselves to be an iconic ballroom rock band, one that shakes preconceived facts and commonality but also demands attention and spices up the average listener’s love life subtly but assuredly.


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Jaylan Salah