Sanjay Michael has completed work on his upcoming album “Rocking Into Midnight”…a classic american rock album with 10 songs in its tracklist…

The album will be released in phases, starting on the 12th of May, the lead single as released, it will be followed by the 9th of June release of the second single and finally on the 7th of July…the whole album will be released, making all classic rock fans out there in the world quite happy.

Sanjay is an independent artist based in Singapore, he’s a multi instrumentalist…he played everything on he “Rocking Into Midnight” and did all the vocals and all the instruments, except for the drums that were played by Joel Seah…the album was produced by Anura Selvadurai from Spectrum Audio, Singapore.

“Rocking Into Midnight” has 10 songs under its belt, with a great range that covers rock, pop rock, acoustic and blues rock…so you’re in for a treat for sure.

The first song is the album’s title song and it’s a song filled with nostalgia for classic AC/DC energetic riffs…

Going further into the album you come across with a wide spectrum of great classic sounding songs like “Fly Away”…it starts as an acoustic song with guitar and vocals…but then it builds up into a beautiful anthemic rock performance.

“Should Have Never Let You Go” is a good example of an anthemic ballad song, with a performance that feels like it’s being played live in front of a full packed stadium…it’s perfect for the stage.

…if you’re looking for the upbeat rock stuff, you’ll find it here too with “Friday Night Drinks”…the upbeat twelve bar blues rock soul is here, but it’s on steroids…great energy.

The album ends on a high note with “City Blues”…a nod to the classic AC/DC energy that we miss so much in recent years.

Sanjay is an artist keeping the art of rock alive…and as he said, I quote…

Rock ‘n’ roll never left the party – it was just getting a drink at the bar!”

Sanjay’s really bringing it with his album.

We wish Sanjay all the best in life, he deserves it.

We’ll be on the lookout for future projects, can’t wait to hear what you have next for the fans.


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