Imagine a punk rocker releases his multi-genre album that leans more into blues, country, and Americana, among other genres. Yes, The Smokeboss Militia released last December his iconic album Rise Again. Let’s find out what’s unique about it.

Mainly, I lean toward artists who are keen to deliver a diversity of styles throughout their careers, as I believe this gives more credit to their portfolio and popularity. Andy Mensing, known as “The Smokeboss” from Rat City Riot, has formed a new band called The Smokeboss Militia, blending blues, acoustic rock, and alternative country.

The debut 8-track album “Rise Again” easily grabs your attention from the opening track and lets you swing with the grooves. His powerful emotive vocals, along with the catchy melodic music, easily make it an enjoyable listing journey. The album is a significant project showcasing a guest list of various musical legends that Andy had the pleasure of meeting during his vibrant musical career. Prior to Rat City, Mensing was part of several other bands that explored and blended different genres. Currently residing in Palm Beach County, Florida, Mensing has collaborated with his team to breathe life into his songs with the same passion he infused into punk music.

I totally agree with the press kit that there are “similarities between punk and blues, both in terms of technique and message,” in fact, I believe this is the beauty of music. Nowadays, we are used to listening to fusion between different music genres together, although sometimes it’s an extreme mix, still, it’s great indeed as it opens new dimensions for the listeners and musicians alike.

“Rise Again” showcases Americana done right with a blend of folk and blues. The album takes listeners on a musical journey from raucous tracks like “Ain’t It Just Like You” to melodic tunes like “Crush” and “Danglin'”, ending with punk-influenced “Wholeheartedly Divided”. The ensemble creates a fun and interesting experience reflecting Mensing’s creative journey. “It’s hard to sum up. It’s a collection of songs I wrote over many years. So it covers a lot of ground and goes in a lot of different directions. It’s a really fun blend of many artists, genres and styles that hopefully takes the listener (on) an amazing ride. I think I can safely say there’s something for everyone here, or at least that is the intention.”The Smokeboss Militia.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a genre-melding album then “Rise Again” by The Smokeboss Militia will take you to an impressive and enjoyable listening experience.