“Revolving Shores” is Graffiti Welfare’s latest record, it’ll be out on the 17th of June 2022 via Milleville Music, mixing electronic with pop and psychedelic music Graffiti Welfare creates his own unique sound. Using a picture of his late grandmother and older brother on the cover creates an intimate feel and says a lot about how he’ll be expressing himself through his music even everything was recorded and mastered by Graffiti Welfare and mixing was done at The Wheelhouse Studio.

“Revolving Shores” starts with the dreamy “To Be It”. A beautiful opener with a spacey psychedelic feel, it comes on creeping slowly and keeps on growing with amazing progression until it smoothly ends. “Just Follow” comes next with a Pink Floyd-ish feel with a killer guitar melody right at the intro and a refreshing beat and vocal melody. The refreshing mood keeps on with “DejaBlue”, a morning floating tune with mellow guitar melodies and fluid multi-layered sunny effects. It ends with a psychedelic twist that was well presented and prepared. “Good News” picks up from where “DejaBlue” ended. With an electronic spacey intro and some dark and upbeat melodies, it pushes the record into a more intense sound. Dynamics keep on rising with “Volume”, although it has some ambient mellow vocals, the music is moving and the bass is insanely enjoyable. Right in the middle of the record, Graffiti Welfare slows things down with some sweet melodies in “Echoes of our Sound”. Bright melodies are back on “Synethesia” and “Nothing Ever Changes”, they both have floating chilling mood and some mellow guitar work although they get a little intense towards the end but end on a calming note. “Missing the War” starts on a space rock mood then shifts slowly into a more psychedelic one with dramatic switch, the effects and synth are tight and guitar melodies have a cool bluesy touch. Ending the record with Graffiti Welfare’s unique fresh sound comes “Seashell”, it has a smooth shifting dynamics with fluid melodies and shiny mood.

“Revolving Shores” is a multi-layered, fresh sounding record with unique mix between pop, psychedelic and space rock appealing to a wide range of audiences and offers an enjoyable listen. Cheers!


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