‘36’ album is a Rock/ Pop compilation made out of ten songs that clock in 36 minutes and 36 seconds. Coincidence? We don’t think so *mindblown emoji*.

“The album represents the journey of enlightenment and coming of age.” –Toby ‘The Magic Epic’ Juan.

You can feel this with each song –the name title sums up precisely the feelings each track evokes, while the melody of each piece is very breathy, calm and otherwordly.

The intro ‘Starts with a Feeling’ and outro song ‘Ends with a Feeling’ deliver a proper presentation and closure to ‘36’. Both tracks are short acoustic pieces that are minimal and elegant –each lasting less than a few minutes.

‘Take On Me’ is the dreamy, more acoustic version of the original by a-ha. TME’s performance will take you to cloud nine if you were already a fan of this song.

‘Summer’ is where Coldplay meets U2. This mellow, dynamic track tastes like sunsets, wet grass and 

The Epic Deluxe track ‘Sangria’ sounds the same way the drink tastes, made out of guitars (of course), trumpets and TME’s display of Spanish vocabulary.

It could take days to describe each track of ‘36 adequately’. The details included in composition, lyricism, and singing are equally complex, delightful and romantic.

The Magic Epic has got +17K monthly listeners on Spotify, and out of their album ‘36’, the top three songs so far seem to be ‘Sally’ with currently +68K streams, ‘Take On Me’ with +51K and ‘More Than Just Pretty’ with +21K.

Now based in Brighton, TME initially lived in London. However, he has crossed the country and used his adventures and experiences across the UK to create his music.

The Magic Epic knows how to create work that gets noticed. His ability to highlight through his music ordinary moments that we usually take for granted and the importance of celebrating life is outstanding. In the same way, his passion for composing and playing music reflects majestically through each note and verse sung.