Personal art, as Francis Ford Coppola puts it, is what we need these days. And this is what Ellery Twining is trying to achieve with Revenge. Storytelling is prominent and vivid throughout the album. “A Month of Sundays” and “Let Me Die Onstage” feel like scenes from movies that paint an image so poignant and heartfelt. Ellery -the alias chosen by artist Rich Freitas- writes from a personal standpoint, using bells, bass, and acoustic guitars to accompany a sensitive, personal journey, like in “Civic Duty”, “Middle Name”, and “On Sequence”. One of the most killer tracks is “The Day Jeff Buckley Died” part tribute, part fantasy, this song captures the core of what Revenge wants to say about the world.
Part fact and part fiction, a walking contradiction, this is what Ellery Twining’s Revenge is about. Philosophical, lyrical, and contemplative, Revenge has a lot to say about the world we live in through the lens of a very rich and intricate inner world of a man child, a serpent, and a storyteller as prolific with his words as he is with his melodies.



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Jaylan Salah