Oh My God! It’s The Church takes us on a trip to the end of the world with their second EP “Revelations” released on the 15th of April, 2022. Mixing influences creating their very own sound that they described as “Prince-Meets-P-Funk-Preaching Gospel banger” they created this theatrical story that I bet will make a spectacular live show. To give us a brief of what’s waiting for us, Oh My God! It’s The Church simply described “Revelations” as “a dance-off between Tenacious D, Parliament-Funkadelic and Flight of the Conchords on the set of Don’t Look Up” so, let’s dig into it

The story begins with “Revelations” which has a crazy chaotic buildup and a rocking riff that made me super excited to get into the EP. We start to get more into the story and characters with “Armageddon on it” that’ll also give us a glimpse of our story’s universe. “Welcome to the Congregation” boosts the mood with its funky festive vibe. The use of trumpets and choir with those Hendrix-influenced guitars and groovy bass will set any live show on fire, and that engaging vocal melody convinced me to join the congregation myself. That game show on “Commercial Break 2” is so damn dark, and the way purgatory, afterlife and our last days on earth can simply turn into business and media content sounds like something that can -sadly- happen. “Put your Hands Up” hits you with some real lyrics that’ll make you think a lot. It has a lovely mellow vocal melody with beautiful strings, piano and bass jazzy vibes, plus an unpredictable lovely flute outro. Our protagonist gets a call from a guy from “The Record Label” asking him to write some “Apocahits” but instead, his girlfriend had a way better idea. “Kiss My ApocaLips” is one of the coolest song titles I’ve ever seen. Music-wise, it’s an awesome heavy rocking tune with a big intro and massive sound. It has pure rock n roll vibes from riffs to vocals, a super catchy chorus, and an awesome shredding solo. If you are a fan of cover songs then you would love this next song. A cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” with a heavy metal twist that sent me off my seat headbanging at work, amazing vocal delivery mixed with heavy guitar work, energetic drumline, keys, and a heavy trumpet outro. “Commercial Break 3” gets you more into what’s going on in this crazy world with a radio program where you request your last song, a reality tv show with influencers fighting till death for a vaccine, and more twisted commercials. Things start to cool down with “The Message” which is delivered in a mellow effective way, it has smooth interesting progression and escalation that feels like an overwhelming stream of sounds and melodies. “Epilogue” marks the end, leading us to the last chapter of our story “The Sinner”. “The Sinner” is a perfect ending for this journey, it has cool structure and dynamics, builds up perfectly into a heavy massive tune with a distinctive groove, and a rocking solo ending the EP on a high note. 

“Revelations” is an interesting trip by Oh My God! It’s The Church that I’m glad I had the chance to take. It has well-crafted theatricals, amazing dynamics, expressive tunes, and perfectly placed interludes, basically everything I always look for in a concept album. It’s one of the best things I’ve listened to in 2022 so far and will be recommending it to everyone. If you are in the UK, don’t miss Oh My God! It’s The Church’s tour to get the full experience. Cheers!