“Reincarnation Blues” is the third album to come from the brilliant mind of J.R. Harbidge, the now Derby-based singer/songwriter.

J.R. made a big splash when he released his lead singles “Hard “and “Reincarnation Blues”…and that’s an excellent taste of what the audiences expect from the full album release…we’ll let you in on a secret…it’s pretty awesome…shhhhhh!

The album will consist of 10 songs…not just songs, J.R. ‘s music and song transcends the norm and becomes more of a story, a journey…a complete sonic and emotional experience really.

The album fuses several music directions to create its own unique charismatic presence, mixing American, alt-rock, and country music together to give the world a unique experience…and that’s not saying about the fact that J.R. takes us through twists and turns in this album, through the energetic, the emotional and the songs that ask questions…

“Reincarnation Blues” starts with the title song…an epic American/alt-rock journey that feels absolutely complete on all levels, sonically, melodically, production-wise, vocal performance…bullseye on every element.

…then the album proceeds to take us through each song with super catchy melodies for almost all the songs…nothing feels like it’s there with no reason…and speaking of a reason…

From the first song, J.R. takes us on a trip within our minds, starting with “Reincarnation Blues”, which tackles the whole reincarnation story which takes the humans on a never-ending loop of living and dying forever….

…then moving to “Hard”, a song about loss and how tough it feels trying to live through the lonely nights grieving.

Of course, the music follows this story of grief and manages to convey the feeling through the instrumentations, vocals and all-around amazing music production levels.

The album jumps into very real topics that is surely to touch almost anyone in the world…with topics like being in a relationship with someone who has depression, which is the topic of “Don’t Pass Me By”…to the journey of an old man on his deathbed, being an atheist and not believing in life after death…but then the song switches to his daughter’s perspective…she’s grieving and crying her heart out…but then he comes to her, to tell her that there is indeed life after death…I mean…just wow…such a unique and fresh premise for a song. Brilliant.

…but with all that emotional drive, don’t fear, there is some heavy music stuff coming your way…

“Drowning In The Dark” is closer to a country/rock fusion…and it has the heaviness there, riffs, and powerful driving beats from the drums…

…and let me tell you about one of my favorites in the album “Why Do We Stay”…

The musical composition is very melodic, very musical and shifts between different beats in a very graceful musical dance…it’s a beast of a song.

“Reincarnation Blues” is filled with many emotions, many melodies, many stories…it’s many excellent things, a treasure trove of 10 amazing songs with super-interesting stories and lyrical prowess…this is a must-listen-to anyone who listens to music in general, not just fans of Americana, alt-rock or country.

We wish the best to all the people in the band…

J.R.Harbidge, vocals and acoustic guitars

Terry Hopkinson on electric guitar, dobro, lap steel and BVs

Thomas Mapes on bass

Mark Bates on drums

This has been an incredible journey, listening to “Reincarnation Blues”…it’s an instant hit.

Can’t wait to see what comes next from J.R….but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be amazing.