Sickpay is a solo project composer, drummer, and guitarist Mike Birnbaum who is based in Brooklyn. With a long line of success, he wrote 7 albums of electronic pop and reggae under the moniker D. Gookin, with songs like “Glad I Met You” reaching over 1 million downloads on Spotify and ‘Remember’ which was used in an Olay commercial, also ‘Croak’ that was played on an episode of Broad City. He has also produced music for other artists like Pictureplane and Juiceboxxx, whom he has also toured with all over the USA and Europe. He is musically inspired by Floor, Wavves, Lightning Bolt, Drive Like Jehu, and Leftover Crack.

‘Pureocracy’ is his latest EP released earlier this year; a 5 track EP with lots of punk and bold sounds. The album is a mix of pop elements, rock identity, lo-fi vibes, and heavy yells. This EP was a product of the pandemic and lockdown hiatus in which he channeled his darkest days through the music. The songs are loud yet cheerful with a fun twist. The artist experiments with different elements while maintaining the heaviness in sound, illustrated drum lines, and a cheerful, funny vibe. Throughout the songs he chooses to add unexpected elements and sounds that complement the overall track, giving it richness and diversity, like in Sick play where he adds a saxophone solo which gives the whole track a different feel.  The album is released via Alien Body Music record label and produced by the artist himself. Jordan Welner was the vocalist in ‘Devoid’, ‘How Many Times’, and ‘Sick Pay’ with Erin Huges. 

The album is bold and diverse in its elements and sounds which makes it hard for anyone not to enjoy it or find an element that meets your taste. Check out the artist’s personal Instagram account to get a glimpse of his live shows where he joins Wavves as a drummer among others.