I’ve always found artists fascinating and interesting; they always tend to see things from a different angle, which could be reflected in their music, paintings, or designs. When it comes to Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice project, it’s everything; from the vocal methods used and the arrangements of music in their tracks to their artwork and videos. This five-member band’s music will fascinate you, make you uncomfortable and leave you with lots of questions. 

This project is artistic in its nature and family-based. Andrea Pizzo is the main composer and the lead singer of The Purple Mice; he’s always been interested in sciences and science fiction movies, which explains the artwork of the album and the sound effects and context of his compositions. Raffaella Turbino is Andrea’s wife, who is the artist behind the drawings, paintings, and video-making of the songs, she also writes the lyrics of the songs. The 3rd member of the purple mice is their daughter Maria Elena, who contributes a lot to their artistic projects. Riccardo Morello is a composer and a vocal coach who composes all the melodies and plays the keyboard for the purple mice. The last member of the band is Roberto Tiranti, the lead singer, and bassist of Labyrinth band is the one playing all the instruments and handling the musical arrangements of all the purple mice’s songs.

‘Potatoes on Mars’ is varied, it opens you up to a whole world of moods, possibilities, and emotions within the 11 songs. The first thing that crossed my mind was how it reminded me of the 80s and 90s music vibe. ‘Potatoes on Mars’ song has a swing as if you can twist dance to it. While ‘Jupiter and Galilean Moons’ ‘s intro played, I could hear the song playing in a superhero movie, in a winning scene representing the sound of glory and resilience. Then moving forward, the only thing you hear in the vocal line is a series of only oohs and ahhs, sung with remarkable vocal control. He demonstrated different rhythmic patterns vocally and notational leaps.

Throughout the entire album, you will hear space-inspired music as if a rocket is launching into space, or as if there are astronauts floating across space, reaching out for the stars. You will hear remarkable and fascinating vocal abilities and control, unusual sound effects, and skilled arrangements and compositions. Keeping an open mind while listening to this album is key, headphones on, and enjoy the ride!

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