Pot Luck is set to be released on 18th of March 2022 and was described by Old Man Soul Club as “collection of songs and pieces of music served up with a pot luck gathering sensibility” so, we’re about to dig deep into it and know more about that.

The album starts with “Revolver” which is a mellow, dreamy tune with noticeable nice piano lines and well conducted strings arrangements. Things start to get groovy with “You and You” with some acoustic and bass lines but, some parts – from my POV – felt like it needed something to fill in specially at the pre-chorus. “Jimmy’s Blue” is another mellow yet groovy tune that shows their strong piano abilities this time backed with a chilling guitar melody. Moving to “How’s your Luck” they start to explore a new area and mood, it’s a bluesy, chilling tune that you can enjoy a drink while listening to at the end of a long day. The groove is back strongly with “Everybody” that it’ll get you moving and that’s exactly what you need at that point of the album although, I think it gets a little bit repetitive at a point. Around the middle of the album comes “Hillbilly Bo” that sounds pretty much like an improvisational piece with a number of instruments having a conversation. “Splash” and “Start of the Dance” respectively both work as a little break before the end of the record with the 1st offering a groovy break with some cool keyboard lines while the latter is a monotonal mellow piece. Things get a little bit more dynamic and upbeat as we reach “Polythene Pam” and “Foolish Man” which both sounds like an acoustic, folky jam with a live performance vibe that channels a lot of energy from the band. The record ends with “Sundays Song” which I would definitely play while having my morning coffee, if the choice was mine, I would move it to become the record’s intro instead of closing with it.
Pot Luck was an enjoyable record with quite number of sounds and moods that would fit a lot of tastes, I just think the production needs a little polishing to make Old Man Soul Club’s abilities shine more and it can use some re-arranging of the songs order to make it more dynamic and keep the listener focused. Wishing you the best of luck guys