Londoner band Higher Music State released their latest album “Overboard” on the 1st of December… and it’s a musical odyssey, it’s powerful, it’s experimental, it’s chill and laid back…it’s many things, but also it’s one thing at its heart…it’s good ol’ raw musical excellence.

Higher Music State was formed by sibling duo vocalists Andrea and Gerard Lewis,

along with the talented guitarist Alex Avery, releasing their debut folk/rock album in 2009 under the moniker HMS, the album was titled “The First.”

Their latest album “Overboard” is a treasure trove of the band’s unique musicality with 12 little musical trinkets inside, ranging from the unleashed and upbeat powerful rock songs, to the more chill folk/blues..and there are some very fresh experimental bits here and there…

The album starts with a bang…” Slide off and Die”…a fast and energetic song that emits so much energy, whether through its upbeat drum rhythm, the soaring guitar melody, the vocal, and its harmonies that feels like they’re about to explode…everything really comes together to give an absolutely monumental level of energy…all while maintaining an extremely high level of catchy melodic tunes and vocal lines…

…the band takes us with another rockin’ spin with their second song “Portrait of Henry”…taking the energy one step higher even…and mixes in some melancholic undertones that add so much to the melodies here… brilliant.

When Higher Music State goes for diversity, they really go all the way…like with “Violence”, they moved completely from an upbeat and heavy rockin’ sound to a completely different sonic world…” Violence” is actually a fusion of everything I love in music…stunning vocal harmonies, a bridge that paves the way for an explosive chorus…and that explosive chorus itself!

“Violence” takes a more post-rock direction with pop vocals that is also multi-layered and rich with harmonies…this is ear candy at its finest.

…with every song, you’ll be treated to a musical plot twist that will keep you engaged from the first song till the very last one…Higher Music State will keep you on your toes, waiting for the next song, wondering what energy it will have? What style will it surprise me with?

HMS, takes some dips into many musical oceans, from the acoustic folk like with “Eiderdown”…an absolutely emotionally charged performance that feels alive…to the trumpet sounds of “Don’t Forget the Love” that takes us on a cinematic journey along with the choir-like sections…and then going fully acapella with “Chasing Nutmeg”…it’s one of the most tasteful pieces of music of that kind that we’re heard in a long time.

HMS takes us through this musical voyage that wanders through almost all human emotions…and we’re absolutely thrilled to have been on this journey…”Overboard” is an absolute musical gem and it is a highly recommended experience…actually, go now, check it out.

We wish HMS all the best and can’t wait for the next adventure…we’ll be on the lookout.