American artist Jon of the Shred releases an epitome of modern musicality in the form of his latest album “Out of Runway”…a fusion of genres, a melting pot of melodies that overflow with distinct artistic charisma…

Jon of the Shred’s “Out of Runway” is the third in a lineage of prog rock lofi hip hop – “Landing Gear” which was the soundtrack for the video game “Happy’s Humble Burger Barn” and “Departing Flight” which was a sequel album made for the sequel video game “Happy’s Humble Burger Farm.”

He plays the guitar, bass, keyboards, synths…basically everything, a true multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. Having his soul filled with influences from the ’70s and ’80s movies, whether action or horror…heavy metal, thrash, funk, and prog rock…Jon is a very unique artist that has a very unique sound and storytelling in music.

With “Out of Runway”, he manages to capture the ears and souls of audiences…

…like with the first track on the album “Comms Down”…it’s got rock, prog, hip-hop and electronic elements that all work together perfectly to create a unique musical world…with some of the catchiest melodies you’ll encounter in the wild!

Moving from this realm and into “Turbulence”…it’s more lo-fi, but still, the rock sound is there, and so are the hip-hop vibes…but it’s a completely different world of music…it’s like a futuristic Gameboy game soundtrack…if that even makes sense, you get it, right?

The music has superb storytelling power…

“Engine Failure” is another excellent track, beautifully composed and arranged, exquisite.

Jon’s use of iconic 80s sounds mixed with rock and storytelling-driven compositions is a unique staple of his mind-blowing talents and unique voice in the world.

“Out of Runway” is an album that sets the mood and lets you soar away with your imagination while giving you some excellent and memorable melodies…melodies that will stick to your soul for quite some time.

…Jon’s music has been licensed by the WWE, TMZ, NBA, MLB, Nascar, UFC, NBC, CBS, and many many more…

Jon of the Shred’s “Out of Runway” is a 7 track instrumental gem. Don’t miss out on experiencing it…in fact, check it out right away.

Wishing all the best to Jon of the Shred, can’t wait to hear more and more from this brilliant artist.