Four songs and over 12 minutes long, you can easily listen to this Indie/ Alt-Pop fusion album while commuting, making breakfast or doing any other daily chore.

In collaboration with Italian-born Melbourne-based DJ, music producer and sound engineer Leo Guardo, and musician and composer Adam from Cali Satellites, work together with the Australian composer Brontë Horder to create a mainly acoustic, spacey escape.

This iconic group has already collaborated on previous work, and you can tell by the result of ‘Only The Good Ones’. The vocals are dreamy, soft and subtle, with a clear and tuned intonation of the words, accompanying the sound of the music perfectly.

The beat of the music is very cheerful, rhythmic, and flowy, and works perfectly to fit any mood and situation. The combination of electric and aural sounds, along with the vocals and the lyrics, make this a timeless compilation of songs.

Brontë Horder is an Australian composer and vocalist. She has written and produced both score and bespoke songs for film, TV and documentary projects. Her song Day By Day for the short film Fourteen received a nomination for Best Original Song Composed For The Screen at the 2019 APRA-AGSC Screen Music Awards. She co-wrote and performed the title song “Take Me Home” for the Foxtel documentary Bear: Koala Hero. Brontë wrote and produced the song “Everybody Wants To Be Me” for Chloe Morello’s YouTube series Not So Famous.

She also works as a session vocalist, contributing vocals to projects including ad promos for Survivor Australia, Celebrity Name Game and
the ABC.

After winning Sony Music Australia’s songwriting competition Breaking Ground in 2013, Brontë released music as a solo artist. Her music video for The Eleventh Hour premiered on MTV Australia and her single Switch It Off received nomination nods at the Indie Music Channel Awards for Best Pop Song, Best Pop Recording, and Best Female Pop Artist.

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