It all started as a one man project by Ed Gage “guitars/vocals” then he added Rik Fox “bass” and Charlie Zeigler “drums programming”. Influenced by a lot of the old-school heavy metal artists, Ed played numerous number of gigs in LA and now he is releasing his debut album “Moth to the Flame” which we’ll be reviewing today.

“Moth to the Flame” is a tribute to the old-school heavy metal days, it starts with the title track which has the groove, dynamics, structure, and power of the 80s, plus the catchy chorus and shredding solo which were my fav parts. “Metal Messiah” is a Manowar-style metal anthem, with all the raw riffs, fast solos, and Ed trying to hit those high notes. Coming next is my favorite song off the album “Depths of Valhalla”, it’s simply Ed flexing his guitar abilities and shredding as hell and it’s been a long time since I’ve listened to someone do that on a record. “Dreamer’s Blues” is another instrumental that answers anyone wondering if metal and blues are related and last but not least, comes “Hey Woman!” which closed the album on a heavy powerful note and like her predecessors, lots of shredding.
“Moth to the Flame” is a throwback to the good old metal days where heavy metal reigned supreme, from my humble point of view it would have been much better if the drums were recorded live not programmed and if it had more polished production. Looking forward to more from Ed Gage.

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