What do you get when you take the best out of Foo Fighters, Queens of the stone age, Deep Purple, linkin park and blend them together?

You get The Venus Figurines with their sophomore album “Modern Paradigm”…an explosive ball of energetic fire and melodic riffs that fulminates with power and excellent music and extremely high levels of production and polish.

Formed during 2015 at their hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, these 4 awesome musicians got together to craft the mojo of The Venus Figurines…these are…

  • Jaidyn Daniels on guitar and vocals
  • Brad Holzberger on drums and percussion
  • Cameron Quinn on guitar
  • Angus Wilks on bass guitar

A 4 piece rock/grunge/metal group that sounds like a thousand armies…the energy they emit is limitless.

Their latest effort “Modern Paradigm” takes reign in the heavy realm, with songs leaning toward the grunge, while others towards the metal or heavy rock…

With iconic and catchy melodies and grooves to each of their 10 songs in the album, they solidify their status as one of the top bands to reach that high bar…maybe even pushing it further up for everyone else in the scene.

When you start your journey with “Modern Paradigm” you will be treated with “Holiday”…a very strong statement about what you’re about you get into…with its iconic guitar riffs and grooves of the bass and drums, it lays the foundation of a hit…and the vocals come in to take it home…

The group effort shown just in the first song is enough to tell you that these guys knows the meaning of collaboration, they know how to perfectly work together to create a very charismatic experience.

“Holiday” is heavy, epic and huge sounding with soaring screams that will suck you in till the last song of the album.

The album follows up with a more grungy song…”The Real Me”, once again, iconic hooks and melodies reign supreme here…the heavy unleashed raw emotions of the grunge realm takes point here.

…with their thirds track of the album they go into the heavy rock world with “So Shallow”…they always maintain the energy levels and keep expanding on top of it. The vocals are once again soaring and so rich.

The album continues to mix things up between going through different emotions and energies from the raw unleashed fire of grunge to the soaring screaming heavy metal…

…the heavy spectrum that The Venus Figurines play with is…comprehensive.

“Modern Paradigm” is all about energy…even if they pull you in with a soft intro…don’t get fooled, there’s a musical explosion comin’ right up.

There are some songs that have the punk soul in it, like “Smiles All Around”…a fast and heavy lyrical experience that once again mixes things up with its energy.

…and let’s not forget about “Through The Night”…a grunge/metal/punk ballad that keeps the tempo down but the energy up…a very melodic experience that sounds and feels huge.

The Venus Figurines ends the album experience with “Changing Tides” a genre-bending experience that takes inspiration from the rock/grunge world and also from the pop world too…it’s 3 minutes and 27 of a wide range and wide mix of genres and riffs…I’d say it is the perfect song to end this unique experience.

The album was recorded at the band’s recording studio in Hobart, Tasmania. Frontman Jaidyn Daniels took the helm with the production process, with drummer Brad Holzberger co-engineering the record.

With such iconic songs, lyrics and musicianship…it’s no wonder that we got hooked and are unable to wait for the next project that the awesome Venus Figurines will come out with.

We wish them all the luck in the world.