After releasing her debut ep “Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned”, singer/songwriter Betty Reed decided to show the fans that she can get creative on so many levels. She decided to go with an acoustic version, writing and restructuring the whole ep again with a warm acoustic twist that reflects the deep and personal subjects addressed in her lyrics and today, we’re gonna dig deeper into that acoustic version.

The ep starts with “Misunderstood” which is a really cool choice for an opener. It has some Alanis Morisette vibes with its upbeat alternative rock guitars and rocking, badass vocal melody, especially that really catchy chorus. “Let it Out” comes next with bold, heartful lyrics, and Betty’s touching and emotional vocals will make you feel every word of it. All this is backed with some soothing acoustic guitar arpeggios giving the song the needed warmth. “Karma” starts with a nice flow of vocal melody that stays consistent throughout the whole song and those arpeggios layered with the muted guitar chords gave the music more depth. Things then start to get more upbeat again with the alternative influenced “This Time” it has a groove that perfectly fits the melody making it more memorable. Another catchy chorus comes with “Happy”, it’s an overall cheerful warm breeze with natural, easygoing lyrics that’ll draw a smile on your face. Last but not least comes “On My Mind”, its storytelling approach and sweet lyrics will make you follow Betty’s story and when it’s done, you’ll definitely play the ep all over again from the top.
“Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned” is an enjoyable listen, The stories she tells and those chilling and positive vibes all over will make everyone relate to a lot of it. Betty’s emotional vocals reflect her lyrics perfectly and the acoustic arrangements gave warmth to the music and gave her a lot of space to show her abilities. Would love to listen to more acoustic stuff from Betty and definitely looking forward to her next release.

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