It’s just like you’ve come back in time during the rock old days, a band has assembled a risen up from the past calling themselves “MindFree” which has Mark Abbruzzese on guitars and vocals, Keith Walsh on keys, CD Rios on bass and Ric Rosario on drums. They amazingly came together and created an awesome album that sends you back in time called “MindFree” which contains 11 rockingly tracks that are equally divine that were released on the 22nd of August, 2021.

The first two tracks “I Am The Wolf” & “She Will Be” had a rocking yet harmonic feeling to them that will catch your attention with the guitar and soulful vocals, then comes “Storks and Vultures” which has amazing bass playing on this one that has the track into a different kind vibe, “Shoshone” has started with awesome guitar and drum playing that has a piece of Nirvana’s vibes to it and comes Mark singing beautifully into this track with lyrical vibe this one gives, “MindFree” starts with rocking in guitar and keys that gives a classic nostalgic feels to it as if it’s a soundtrack that comes from the movie ‘Back to the Future’ which is an 80’s perfect music to be played during that time, “Hollywood Heroes” a pop/rock mix that suits the name of this track with a beautiful story that is being told in this piece. “Cinnamon Girl” is like a love song to my ears with a love story that resides upon this track with a dreamy guitar solo that shows how this one feels. “Sky Blue” has a piece of fun music to it that is played on the keys with uplifting music and summed up vocals together that has a happy feel to it that can be played perfectly during a long ride and sing along with it. “Skeleton” gives Halloween vibes to it with some high notes being sung by Mark and comes with a dope guitar solo. “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding” has a deep meaning to it but how it was delivered is particularly amazing, despite the name of the song that seemingly gives a mellow feel but it is the complete opposite with awesome lyrical that speaks out the meaning of this track that is a go-to track, Lastly, “MindFrei” is the closure of this album with a 5-minute long dope playing on with a long guitar solo till the end of the track.

This album has been a trip to the past for me that got a lot of nostalgic stories and music that’s been produced here, it gives out a wide imagination that you can go through it in your mind and create an entire memory of the stories that’s been told out of the lyrics of each track that has a purpose to be in that particular order as if it’s a diary. A lot has been dedicated throughout this album and the band is the best thing that happened for the making and getting the gigs alive with those nostalgic themes in their soul. Every element on this album truly wins the heart of the old souls in this world who still have those classic rock and roll in them.