Kit Citrine

Feminine vocals in an outrageous sound along with some ruthless stories in the telling by Kit Citrine releasing her one woman band’s debut album “Midnight Masquerade”.

From the city of Orlando, Florida the indie pop/indie rock artist is releasing her debut album titled  “Midnight Masquerade” which is generally speaking about Kit‘s struggles and unfortunate events promoting mental health awareness, and also discusses the age’s most dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer and cancer.

The album is an all Kit Citrine record where she does everything from a to z by playing all of the instruments throughout the record to mastering and sound mixing, a 100% feminine album.

Midnight Masquerade” begins with a mellow themed synths then the soothing vocals of Kit’s breaks up the silence and announces the kick-off of the album with the astonishing vocals.

The album has a very astonishing sound in terms of vocals thanks to the wonderful wide-schemed keys of Kit Citrine’s which are bouncing from pop styles of signing to rock styles. Same applies to the album’s theme as it varies in genre from pop to a slight rock sound and the only instrument that sounded like rock was the drums.

Though “Midnight Masquerade is classified as an indie Rock/Pop album, it doesn’t imply much guitars throughout, the thing that felt messing in sound and had some quite time and available spaces to add a bit of guitar melodies.

Kit’s mesmerizing vocals formulate an enormous bold presence amongst the instruments introduced throughout adding some excitement and need to hear some more.

The album is distinctive in the music as one track doesn’t really have to sound close to the previous or next one, also distinctive in the stories told and topics discussed on the record. 

Play the album and leave us a comment of what you think about it.